Third Millennium Ministries (Florida, USA)

President, TMM


Th.D. (Harvard University)

Dr.Pratt is a theologian, author and founder and President of Third Millennium Ministries (TMM).
He is actively involved in all aspects of ministry, including writing, teaching, and global advancement. He has traveled extensively throughout the world to evangelize and lecture, including Argentina, Australia, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Indonesia, Mexico, Mongolia, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Turkey, Ukraine, Cuba, the United Kingdom and throughout the United States. He is best known for his approach to Biblical hermeneutics which places a heavy emphasis on the Kingdom of God.

TMM’s mission is to prepare Christian leaders to lead a transformation of the world into God’s Kingdom by providing biblical education, for the world, for free. Directly and through partner ministries that report their enrollment to TMM, it has already taught over 1 million students.
All of TMM’s instructors are seminary professors, and its writers and editors are theologically trained educators. TMM has developed a highly cost-effective method of producing high-quality multimedia video lessons with seminary quality content which they distribute through their partner organizations (like APIIS).