My acceptance to the MMin Program was a great blessing and an  answered prayer. After my retirement in 2019 from the Philippine military  as a 2-star General, I prayed for a school where I could formally study  about God and the Bible to equip me for my next life journey of serving  the Lord in our country’s military and police organizations. Last July 2021,  I was very surprised to receive a call (from PC) from Singapore asking me  if I were interested to join their MMin Program. I was speechless for few  seconds because the offer was exactly the program I was praying for.  Glory to God! On my experience as a student, the first month was  overwhelming for me as I was a retired man and already started having  some memory lapses. But with the effective and efficient design and  implementation of the curriculum, I was able to cope and enjoyed learning  about God, the Bible and principles and the practical application of  Theology. Every week, I look at every lesson not as an academic  endeavor but actually an extension of my quiet or devotion time with the  Lord. Each lesson’s audio and video lectures and messages, along with  the written study notes given to us weekly have allowed me to intently and  repeatedly listen to God anytime and anywhere. The once-a-week Zoom  class further reinforced my learning process with the summary of the  week’s lesson followed by a group discussion and applications in small  groups.

Samuel Zamar Felix 

Chairman, Council of Elders of Philippine Military Academy Evangelical  Church


The call to proclaim the Gospel is also a call to a lifetime work of “study”.  God does not expect the bearers of His Word to draw from the stagnant  pool of old sermon notes or ready-made sermon outlines but from the well  of Living Water. The Masters of Ministry gave me the privilege to interact  and discuss with my fellow pastors/students and be refreshed with the  lessons we study each week. This is one of the many blessings we  received during this pandemic. God be glorified.

Danny Balm Escobar

Senior Pastor of Doane Baptist Church, Iloilo 


Being part of the Masters in Ministry Program is one of my greatest  experience during this Pandemic. Aside from the full scholarship that the  students availed in this program, Masters in Ministry has broaden my  knowledge and understanding about myself, the ministry, and most  importantly about God. The sessions about the Beautiful Book has  enlightened my heart to the richness of God’s Word. The lessons on  leadership has also helped me better understand myself and my identity  in Christ. I look forward to every session as this gives me the opportunity  to learn from our Spirit-filled and gifted mentors/speakers and the  fellowship and interaction with fellow students.

Adonis B Adlaon 

Ministry Team Leader,Government Movers Enlightening the Nation  (GMEN) under Christ’s Commission Fellowship (CCF) 


I heard someone said ” Learning in an unending Journey” 

Indeed when I enrolled at MMin, it is a Journey.  A journey of challenges with surprises, hesitation with eagerness and unlearning to Learn. The Lessons are very Practical and Relevant.  As  Leader Ministering to other Leaders, I  have improved in my  communication skills and understanding people whom I minister to. 

Thankful for our  Facilitators and Teachers, who sincerely pay attention to every questions  that encourages us to participate actively.

Leo Decinal

Advisor Community Leaders Ministries Philippines


Thank you very much for this opportunity I have been blessed, equipped and encouraged.


The course is nicely structured to give a correct view and understanding  of God, Discipleship and Leadership. Firstly, from the Beautiful Book Bible  Series, I have started falling in love with the word of God. Secondly, the  other part of the course which focuses on spiritual growth has led me to  have complete dependence and faith on God’s power to live the victorious  Christian life. As a result, my relationships in office, home and other areas  are managed in a correct way and I am also being equipped for His  kingdom work.

Sham Kishore Revu 

Hyderabad, India

In my country, we do not have any Master’s level education for Christians.  Unlike most seminary courses, this program gives practical, hands-on,  easy-to-apply, and transferrable knowledge. At the same time,  professionally-made lessons give deep explanation of biblical truths and  how they apply to our everyday life and work. For me personally the choice  of classes: Leadership, Theology, The Beautiful Book, answers most of my  current needs for growing in practical ministry and walk with the Lord.

Nurbek Tairov  

Bible teacher, Kyrgyzstan  

I have been active in God’s ministry for quite a long time. All those years, I  thought that my experiences from the ministries that I am currently in are  already enough for me to go on. However, I was proven wrong. When I  joined this program, I realized that there is an opportunity where I could still  improve. As the classes go on, I realized that I could still do more for God,  and there are many things that I need to learn, especially in leadership,  Bible, and discipleship. Hence, I’m encouraged to strive to move forward by  learning more about becoming an effective and efficient instrument in  God’s ministry.

Jayson James B. Bentayao 

Professor, Ateneo de Davao University 

“Learning never stops” is a phrase given to us by one of our Bible School  professors when he emphasized the value of growing our biblical  knowledge and necessary skills. The MMin course is a blessing to me  personally. I am a young pastor who serves the Lord in an established local  church where cultures and practices have existed already. This course is  very beneficial to me – firstly, it addresses the practical side of the ministry;  secondly, it refreshes my Bible understanding; thirdly, I learn much from the  weekly discussions and lastly, it’s free.

Patrick Ian G. Panginiban 

Pastor, Doane Causeway Baptist Church, Philippines  

When I was first given the opportunity to join this program, I assumed it  would be another course loaded with theories but I was wrong. This  program is indeed practical and beneficial to my ministries. I personally like  the group discussion time a lot. It helps me not just be a hearer, but a doer  of the truth. It also gives me the opportunity to hear and learn from leaders  from other countries.

Lim Kay Hong 

Pastor, Gospel Light Christian Church, Singapore 

I am 36 years old and have been in the ministry for 10 years. In this course,  I am really learning every week through the tasks, video lectures and  weekly Zoom discussion groups. it has been a personal blessing to me to  be reminded to focus on what the priorities are. The course also helps me  to find the specific area of ministry wherein I could give my all.

Lemuel B. Pay-an 

Pastor, Loakan Baptist Church, Philippines  

3 videos per week fit in well to my busy schedule. I can self pace my time  to go over the materials a few times.The zoom teaching/discussion and the  MCQ test have enhanced my understanding of the subjects and cultivated  a more disciplined effort to finish the weekly materials without delay. I  strongly recommend APIIS to busy ministry workers who have limited time  for seminary academic study but eager to learn ministry practical courses.

Chua Thiem Seng 

Training Director of Elshaddai Center Berhad (a refugee organisation) and  Director of Diaspora Cross Culture Academy

As a full-time pastor in the church with a growing family, continuing  education can become an afterthought. Yet the daily rigors of ministry  including the weekly load of preaching and teaching eventually depletes  your mental and intellectual reservoir without sufficient instructional  input.

This program is God’s perfect answer to my needs.

Jose Amelito Borneo 

Pastor, Harvest Hills Baptist Church, Philippines 



As a lay person ministering to a wide range of people groups in different  platforms, a well-balanced training is very important. This course  provides good mix of theology, practical personal applications and  leadership skills. The weekly multiple-choice questions are also  challenging yet carefully crafted to draw out not just objective knowledge  but more importantly, comprehension of the subjects. The versatile set up and platform and the wise use of technology is very efficient making  this course accessible and available to a much wider range of ministers  waiting to be equipped for today and future ministries.

Jeru Epelipcia Samilo 

Kingdom servant, Philippines  

MMin course has expert professors and pastors from different parts of  the world that explain and clarify every topic we discuss. Through this  course I get to be with people from different parts of the world and from  different walks of life! Because of that, discussions are very engaging!  This course has very friendly and efficient administrators!  As a missionary, this course has empowered me to be more prepared in  evangelism and discipleship in Indonesia.

Cristine Vangas Diaz 

Missionary to Indonesia 

At just the right time, when I was at the point of resigning from the  pastorate, Dr. Paul Choo invited me to be part of the MMin program. I  did not hesitate knowing that it was high time for an “upgrade” and to  take my mind off from some of my ministry concerns. Since then, I have  been immensely blessed by the balance of Theology, Bible (The  Beautiful Book series) and Practical Leadership. The exchanges in  ministry experiences in our breakout group had been a great  encouragement knowing that I wasn’t alone in my struggles. I have also  shared some of the materials to my fellow pastors and to 60 teachers  and staff in the school that we run here in La Trinidad, Benguet.

Jonathan Mandapat 

Pastor, Christ Commission Fellowship, Baguio 

It has been my dream to further improve myself to be more effective in  the ministry. Also, being in a very restricted country where there is  almost no access to gospel-centered materials and fellowships with a  community of spiritually mature believers, it is very challenging to move  further in the ministry. Personally, I have been blessed with The  Beautiful Book series – which emphasizes the Bible as a single story  pointing to Christ.

The Leadership lessons are very practical and the insights are easily  transferable no matter what the cultural context of the people are.  Finally, the schedule and online classes are flexible. The facilitators are  very friendly and always available to help with our concerns. The  breakout sessions via Zoom are a source of encouragement to me. I  enjoy this community where we share about our experiences with the  Lord in the ministry and pray together. Because of this, I don’t feel like I  am in a class with my classmates but I am at home with my family.

Bro PAR 

Missionary to Restricted Access NationLeo Decina

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