Pricing & FAQ

Master of Ministry course is FREE for Class of 2021/2022 & 2022/2023.

In future we may have to charge fees for those who can afford so that we can continue to provide free training for those who cannot afford.

Our goal is to provide the finest training at affordable prices so that no one who wants to serve God will be deprived of the opportunity to be trained.

Have Any Questions?


How is this program different from a typical Bible school program?

  • A typical Bible school prepares high school graduates who want to be trained to serve God. This program trains matured college/seminary graduates who are already active in Christian ministry.
  • A typical Bible school program requires students to stay in the Bible school during the period of training. This program is tailored to fit into the existing schedule of the student.
  • In other words, this program serves a totally different group of students from a typical Bible school and therefore does not compete with a typical Bible school.

How is this program different from a typical Seminary graduate extension program?

  • A typical seminary graduate extension program requires disruptions in your schedule to attend on-site modular classes conducted by professors. This program provides all lessons and necessary study resources online. 
  • A typical seminary extension program requires course fees (to cover the expenses of running a seminary) and travel/residential costs for the students. This program is provided free of charge (as professors from different seminaries volunteer their services producing video lessons which are then delivered via technology to the students). 
  • A typical seminary extension program requires more reading, research and writing of papers. This program focuses on upgrading practical knowledge and skills rather than academic skills.
  • This program is designed to meet the needs of students who want to improve/expand their ministry; and who are affected by the lack of funds and travel restrictions caused by the Covid19 pandemic.  
  • The greatest advantage of this program is that you will learn from like-minded students from different churches/countries, and you will build networks of friendships that may enable you to do more for the advancement of God’s Kingdom.