Some key team members serving in Muslim and Communist countries are not mentioned for security reasons.


ASHER CHEE, PhD Candidate

Professor, Church History

Asher Chee, is a Singaporean. He graduated from the University of Southampton in 2016 with a degree in Computer Science. He returned to the University of Southampton and graduated with a Master’s degree in History in 2017. Previously, Asher attended a false-teaching church for seven years. He was impressed with the church’s pastor and was inspired to learn the Bible’s original languages. However, he soon discovered that the church’s pastor was teaching lies and half-truths about the Bible’s original languages to twist the meaning of the Scriptures and deceive his followers. He left the church and later became a member of Gospel Light Christian Church in 2018 when he returned from the UK after his studies. Asher works full-time as a software engineer in the Singapore Government. He is also a PhD candidate at the University of Southampton, specializing in Jewish and Christian History. His research requires him to be proficient in Classical Hebrew, Ancient Greek, and Latin, and to read the Bible and ancient Jewish and Christian texts in their original languages. He runs Zealous Ministries (zmin.org), which seeks to equip Christians with a zeal for God according to knowledge.

Faculty, Counseling

Jennifer Estrella, is a Filipino. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of San Agustin (cum laude) in 1982, received her Master of Divinity in Pastoral Care and Counseling from Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary (Academic Excellence Award) in 1998, pursued further training in Crisis Counseling at the East Asia School of Theology in Singapore. In 2020 was conferred with a Ph.D. at the International Graduate School of Theology.

Jenni entrusted her life to Jesus on July 28, 1979. Joined Greenhills Christian Fellowship in 1993 to the present. She has been serving as a Sunday School teacher, counselor, pastoral staff, executive adviser to Pastors, Leadership Institute Director, and Growth Group Director. She enjoys sharing the gospel with the visitors after Sunday worship. Her experience at GCF opened her eyes to see that “There is no business in life for me but the work of Christ.”

Jenni is an educator and a counselor at heart. Her love for teaching birthed TEACH GLOBAL, an equipping ministry providing training, workshops, and values education curriculum for Vacation Bible School, Sunday School, and Discipleship. She has served in a Christian Publishing House as Training Director at Church Strengthening Ministry, Inc., created workshops and trainings for Henry Blackaby, Avery Willis, Rick Warren, Henry Ford, Thompson Chain Reference Bible, Beth Moore, and Filipino authors. She conducted VBS training for churches attended by 10,000 children, and more than 100 different workshops for teachers and pastors yearly. She was Minister of Education at International Baptist Church of Manila, also served as adjunct faculty of Seminary Education by Extension of the Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary, as Radio Counselor of FEBC, and as Editor for the Asian Edition at Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).

Jenni is a bestselling author and has written a dozen inspirational books: “A Proverb A Day Keeps the Fools Away, Mother, The Heart to Teach, Money Manager, This Made Me Laugh, A Word A Day Keeps the Devil Away, Holy Punchlines, Boot Camp: Living Victoriously, YOUnique: Being Yourself, Magnitude: Standing on God’s Unshakable Love, Truth Explorers Science Curriculum, and Camp Attitude Character Curriculum.”

In 2022 after the pandemic, she moved back to Iloilo City and volunteered at Goducate as a Curriculum Consultant and was invited by Dr. Choo as faculty for Counseling at APIIS in 2023.

Despite her vast experiences and educational achievements, she would unassumingly say, “Good credentials are good but it is God who validates His calling in my life.”


Digital Ministries Lecturer

Samuel Peroy, is a Filipino. His parents have been serving in the ministry for almost forty years. He took up a BS in Information Technology in 2008 and was active in Campus Bible Fellowship. After graduating, he pursued careers in the areas of Technical Support and English Teaching. He always thought of how he could make use of his educational background, experiences, and skills, for the ministry and missions. In 2020 he took a leap of faith, left the corporate world, and then joined the Global Missions Training. After a month of training, the pandemic hit, and most ministries went into lockdown. He then started Techlesia, a community of Christian believers that aims to help churches and organizations, maximize the use of technology. Since then, he has been conducting tech-related lectures, forums, webinars, and workshops, while building up partnerships and communities. Currently, Sam is supporting organizations for digital transformation and doing digital ministries simultaneously. He believes that a phone can reach thousands of people if maximized. In 2021, he started to advocate Digital Citizenship and has lectured at various youth conferences. The idea came from a personal realization on how one can steward the digital resources, and impact the online space where most of the young people are. There is a big harvest of people online, but the laborers are few (and digital laborers are even fewer).

Advisor, Education

Grace Chan, is a Singaporean. She was born into a Christian family and has had a vibrant personal relationship with God since the age of four. Unlike most children who had imaginary playmates, Grace found an omnipresent, super cool friend in Jesus; conversing with Him wherever and whenever she wanted to. Undeniably, her favorite pastime as a child was reciting verses from the Bible. Dr. Grace received her Ph.D. in East Asian Arts History from the National Taiwan Normal University. She tutored at her alma mater and the University of Tsukuba in Japan before joining APIIS Goducate Academy in August 2022. Highly proficient in the area of Chinese studies, Grace is armed with an MA in Chinese Literature & Language from the National Tainan University. Her bachelor’s pursuit was in Media & Communications Management from the University of South Australia. Grace discovered her passion in Education as a Sunday school teacher. She subsequently enrolled at the Nanyang Technological University National Institute of Education in Singapore and began her career as a teacher at Anglo-Chinese Junior, a Methodist school. The primary focus of Grace’s ministry is to use her expertise in languages. Grace’s good command of the English language has also led the academy to assign her to the production of teaching-aid videos. Along with her passion for God’s mission, Grace is also a literati artist in Chinese and Japanese kana-style calligraphy. Her works can be found in rare exhibitions and charity auctions in Singapore.

Registrar, APIIS MMin program

Terri Wei, is a Singaporean. She graduated from Harbin Teacher’s University in China and taught in the same school for a year. Although teaching is not her passion, she has been serving in various teaching ministries all these years. Since her salvation, God has used her teaching ministries as a channel for effective outreach to hundreds of people from different countries. In 2017, she and her husband Leo relocated to a city in China to teach students coming in from different countries of the “Belt and Road Initiative” (from Africa, Middle-East, and Central Asia) to adjust to life as students in Chinese universities. Since her salvation in 2000, she has been a willing volunteer servant in numerous ministries in the Gospel Light Christian Church. She is a natural leader, connector, befriender, manager, and administrator. When APIIS started its MMin program, she was appointed as its Registrar. She and her husband Leo Chang (IT Director for the MMin program) are the faithful and dependable “right and left hand” of Dr. Paul Choo in his various ministries. In 2021, she started serving as Registrar for MMin courses of APIIS. Together with her husband, IT director Leo Chang, she is currently serving more than seven hundred students from twenty-six countries. The target of 2000 students for the next batch is in the registration process now.

Student Relationship Manager, MMin Program

May, is a Filipino born in a Christian home. She finished her Bachelor of Science in Marketing at Central Philippine University. She came to know the Lord Jesus at an early age and growing up, she was involved in different ministries at Doane Baptist Church teaching ministries. In 2012, when Lisa’s husband was assigned to work in Singapore, she and their son came along with him. She also had the opportunity to work in one of the Culinary Schools in Singapore, in the Admissions and Student Services Department. Their family has been given the privilege to serve in various ministries at Gospel Light Christian Church, in Singapore. The inspiring ministry and life of Dr. Choo, May and her son knew the Lord more and through the encouragement of Dr. Choo, the couple was immersed in the joy of ministry and the sufficiency of Christ. May has a passion for women’s ministry and together with her husband embraced and excitedly led a couple’s group. Being a people person and having a heart for service, she finds great joy in serving and supporting the MMin students in their challenges and encouraging them to finish strong. She considers her ministry with APIIS as a special privilege to serve the best and greatest Master in the world.

Advisor, Community Leaders Ministries

Leo Decinal, is a Filipino. graduated from IloIlo Baptist College in 2002 and taught for 1 year in the same College. However, the passion to start a church has been his dream and prayer. In 2003 he started his first pioneering church, Calvary Baptist Church, Iloilo, and after a year he turned it over to a Pastor friend. In 2005 he was called to pastor a newly planted church called Living Water Baptist Church, Laguna. He continues to pastor this church to the present. In 2008, while being lost somewhere in Singapore, he met Dr Paul Choo and the Journey of Intentional Mentoring began and continues till the present. In 2019 he was appointed as the National Coordinator of My Brother’s Keeper Philippines, a ministry serving the Philippine National Police. MBK’s 1000 pastors minister to more than 4000 policemen weekly. In 2022 he was appointed as the President of Goducate Luzon Inc., a community social ministry of APIIS.


Advisor, Indonesian Ministries

Dr. Thomos Sihombing, is a an Indonesian. He graduated from Padjadjaran University, Indonesia in 1992, majoring in Psychology (S.Psi). He finished his master’s degree in Holistic Child Development (M.A) from Malaysia Baptist Theological Seminary (MBTS), Penang, in 2010. He also completed his master’s degree in theology (M.Th) from Lighthouse Equipping Theological School (LETS), Indonesia, in 2021. Lastly, he received his D.Ed from the Asia Graduate School of Theology (AGST) in 2022 focusing on Child and Family Development. He worked in the training and development fields as a human resources specialist, trainer, and supervisor from 1993 to 2010. He has also been involved in educational ministries in certain schools and universities in Indonesia since 2000 as a part-time counselor, teacher, and lecturer. Since 2011 he has led a Christian NGO called Gospel Light for Indonesia (GLFI) which focuses on Evangelism, Discipleship, Training, and Leadership. The main mission of GLFI is to reach nominal Christians among local churches, especially traditional churches, in Indonesia. He is currently serving among the nominal Christian communities whose members are still strongly steeped in the cultural values that have affected their Christian faith. His dissertation research shows that a values education program based on biblical teachings can positively impact the biblical attitude and behavior of Christian parents in a Batak Toba church towards the value of offspring, wealth, and glory. The research result has moved him to illuminate the traditional churches’ leaders and members on how to address their cultural values with biblical perspectives, so, they can grow well spiritually.

Advisor, Education

Joy Depallo, is a Filipino, born in a big family of 14. She graduated with a Bachelor’s in Religious Education from Doane Baptist Bible Institute and a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education from the Central Philippine University. She also obtained academic Units while pursuing her Master’s in Education, majoring in Administration and Supervision at the West Visayas State University in Iloilo City. In 2010, Joy received her service award as a faculty member at Doane Baptist Bible Institute for her 21 years of faithful service in the Academy and Seminary. Her passion for teaching children led her to train teachers in the Philippines, in both churches and Christian schools, reaching out to children in various communities through literacy programs. From 2008 to 2020, she was blessed to join Goducate, where her heart was drawn to reaching the stateless children in Sabah through the training of mothers in the Literacy and Health Information Drive programs. From 2021 to the present, the COVID pandemic gave her an amazing opportunity to start the APIIS Goducate Academy in the Philippines. Here, mothers are supported in the teaching of their children using creative videos and a Parent’s Checklist, which is the finest 21st-century technology of home teaching. A Community of Moms has also been started online, where mothers are equipped to connect and collaborate with other mothers, helping them to become focused and confident in bringing out the best in their children via the platform of education. Having an amazing team with her at APIIS Goducate Academy, Joy has been blessed to have skillful and gifted fellow teachers and facilitators. Together, they not only share the same vision and mission but have also the passion for multiplying themselves through the training of others.

Advisor, Philippine Ministries

Ranie Pagsuguiron, is a Filipino. She graduated with a Bachelor of Religious Education at Doane Baptist Bible Institute in Iloilo City, Philippines. She is a trailblazer and organizer who was used by God in starting Gospel Light Christian Church (Singapore) and Goducate ministries in the Philippines, where she serves as the National Coordinator. At the same time, she spearheaded the campus ministry of Doane Baptist Church (Iloilo). As the National Director of the Asia-Pacific Institute of Biblical Studies Philippines (APIBS) which was the former name of APIIS, she expanded its training programs to many churches in the Philippines thereby bringing training to more than 3000 students. Ranie has also been instrumental in helping to establish numerous house churches and organizing conferences, forums, training programs, and community programs of Camp Goducate Philippines. She oversaw the establishment of Camp Goducate Phils. from its ground-breaking up to the implementation of its many programs and missions across the Philippines. She also supervised the bi-vocational and Global Missions Training which trained and deployed more than 200 missionaries across Asia. She is blessed with great people around her and God’s unfailing faithfulness that keeps her passion for God’s ministries.

Advisor, Asian Missions

Joy Montevilla, is a Filipino. She graduated with a Bachelor’s in Hotel and Restaurant Management at John B. Lacson University. She was sent to Singapore for an International Apprenticeship where her burden for missions grew. Right after her graduation, she went to Maranatha Baptist Bible College and finished a Certificate in Christian Service. In 2017 she finished her Masters in Biblical Studies at Piedmont College of Theology-Asia Pacific, Philippines. From 2010-2014, she pioneered a Student Center named House of Refuge that reached hundreds of students every week and she also got involved in different local ministries in the Philippines such as Medical Missions, Campus Ministry in different schools and Universities, Feeding Program, and other children’s ministries. While serving locally, she realized that the harvest was huge and started to pray for foreign missions. In 2014, God opened the door for her to be trained at Camp Goducate Philippines under Global Missions Training, and was sent to North Sumatra, Indonesia as a missionary to the Batak Tribes for almost five years. In 2019, she went back home and got involved in different Online Mission Platforms, especially during the pandemic. At first, she was hesitant but eventually, she realized that the best strategy for reaching the world for Christ is to maximize technology in Online Missions. Currently, she serves in the Pastors International Club (PIC – Indonesia) as a Training Coordinator for International Exposure and Training in the Philippines and Singapore while facilitating Online English Sessions with Afghan Refugees, Iraqis, and other Asians. She is also involved in training Online Missionaries. She desires to encourage and influence every believer to be online-missionary sharing the Gospel unto all nations.

Advisor, Indonesian Pastoral Training

Cristine Diaz, is a Filipino. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English. Years after her graduation, she took her Diploma in Bible and Bachelor of Religious Education at Doane Baptist Bible Institute, Iloilo City, Philippines. She also enrolled in law school and later found Jesus; she then decided to offer her life to foreign missions. She has been serving the Lord in Indonesia for 10 years and has started the process of revoking her Filipino citizenship to be an Indonesian. She is currently taking her Master’s in Ministry. She is the APIIS-Indonesia Chapter/ PIC Indonesia Director. She dreams of seeing the Batak people bringing the light of the Gospel to the whole country of Indonesia and beyond.

Advisor, Malaysian Ministries

Pam Dingal, is a Filipino. After her Bachelor in Religious Education degree at Doane Baptist Bible Institute in the year 2018, Pam became a missionary to Indonesia for two years. At the height of the global pandemic in the year 2020, she decided to go back to the Philippines and pioneered the online education platform and online ministries in East Malaysia maximizing the gadgets and phone applications that are available to the stateless children, youth and mothers in the needy communities there. She is a lifelong learner who spends time training and helping individuals and teams Adopt technology and acquire digital skills for the furtherance of the Gospel and discipleship of people. Pam sees the future where technology plays a pivotal role in bringing the Gospel to the whole world “as the waters cover the sea.”